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Review Conveyancing Contract Prior to Signing

Review Conveyancing Contract Prior to Signing

Reviewing a Conveyancing Contract in Victoria is a recommended MUST do as part of any due diligence of a purchaser of real estate in Victoria. Low Cost Conveyancing offers such a recommended service on two levels.

  • Free overview of a contract – We will advise as to the ‘format’ of the contract and section that its in the correct set out. No legal advice offered with this service.
  • Detailed Report – We pull apart the proposed contract and section 32 offering legal advice, recommendations and tips in relation to what you are expecting, what is actually written and how to get what you ‘expect’ or ‘assume’ would happen. A detailed analysis of the contract and section 32.

This process can take us several hours to complete, hence we charge $150 for this service up front. Paying for our time to complete and expertise. If you buy the property and use us for the conveyancing, we will refund you $50 of the $150 back to you on settlement. We think is very fair. You get what you pay for.

You can contact us about such a service from our site by clicking here.

Why should I get a review of a contract?

Simple answer, most people ‘assume’ they are getting what they see. Not always the case! Contracts can be complex, agents and vendors can make verbal assertions. If its not in writing, it doesn’t always exist. If you don’t know legal terminology, don’t just risk it. Get us to assist you. In the end it could be cheapest $100 you spend (assuming you buy it and use us for the conveyancing work) or the best $150 you have spent if you don’t buy it.

Buying property in Victoria is not as straight forward as people think. Conveyancing work certainly isn’t. Low Cost Conveyancing Services has over 21 years’ experience and been involved in over 11,000 transactions. Experience counts.

Disclaimer: No information provided on the Low Cost Conveyancing web site is (intended) to be construed as legal advice. Many factors unknown to us may affect the applicability of any statement or comment that we make on the Low Cost Conveyancing web site to your particular circumstances. It is recommended that anyone reading this information should seek legal advice from a solicitor.