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Detailed Report for Contracts

Detailed Report for Contracts

Take the guess work out of buying property. Contracts can be difficult to decipher and with so much information, are you really getting what you are expecting?

With Contracts of Sale, the best adage is, ‘if its not in writing, it doesn’t exist’.

We have assisted hundreds of clients BEFORE they sign a contract. Have the power in your hand when you go to see the agent to make your offer. Know what you want, and know, what to expect.

Once you sign a contract, generally it’s too late to change, add, remove or alter conditions in the contract.

Have the advantage that 99% of people don’t. Unfortunately, so many people don’t have the contract checked thoroughly before they sign. When they get to settlement, they find issues and problems that may have been able to be countered, should they have used our service.

$150 is what it costs. But wait, there’s more. Get $50 back on settlement, provided we do the Conveyancing work for you. Not much, for piece of mind and written legal advice in relation to Conveyancing work by a Licensed Conveyancer.  

Before, you sign a contract to buy land, dwellings and apartments, we can review it for you. The review involves going through the contract, advising on conditions in the contract of sale and offering suggestions on adding special conditions and recommending various due diligence.

We pull the contract apart and advise you in writing about the property you want to buy.

We can take into consideration your concerns, questions and wants when buying a property.

If you would like us to do this, we charge $150 inc GST. Great for having a better understanding of what's in a contract and how it may affect you.

Rebate Offered – Get $50 back on settlement if we do the conveyancing work after the report! Now that’s fair.

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FREE!!!! Low Cost Conveyancing offer a contract review in which we go over the contract format, but offer no legal advice or recommendations. This will not cost you anything.

Conveyancing situations applicable would include situations that relate to land for sale, units for sale, houses for sale in Melbourne and in Victoria.

Disclaimer: No information provided on the Low Cost Conveyancing web site is (intended) to be construed as legal advice. Many factors unknown to us may affect the applicability of any statement or comment that we make on the Low Cost Conveyancing web site to your particular circumstances. It is recommended that anyone reading this information should seek legal advice from a solicitor.