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Other Conveyancing

Change of Title Ownership

New partners, separations, refinancing and liability issues are common reasons for why a Title of a property might need to be altered. Low Cost Conveyancing Services is well equipped to assist in the swift preparation of all 'Transfer of Title' issues.


If you plan on subdividing the land that you own or would like to purchase, be advised that subdivision can be a lengthy and complicated process with many aspects to consider. Low Cost Conveyancing Services is able to assist by advising on matters such as zoning, development applications, lodgment fees and local environment issues. Our company can also prepare your paperwork in conjunction with a Surveyor to assist in the completion of this often protracted task.

Covenant Changes

A Restrictive Covenant is a stipulation requiring the owner of a property to adhere to certain terms or restrictions regarding their property. Such property covenants are shown in the Certificate of Title and can adversely impact future property development plans. Fortunately, Low Cost Conveyancing Services can often assist with changes to such covenants.


The company’s professional conveyancing services are backed by a wealth of expertise and experience, which are recognised throughout the industry. Its principal, by way of example, is a former Member of the Victorian Government Electronic Conveyancing Consultation Committee. Low Cost Conveyancing Services can provide you with the very best advice on matters relating to conveyancing.


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