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Essentials for Buying

Making it simple

Buying real estate is a relatively complex transaction, which can be stressful. Low Cost Conveyancing Services aims to make the buying process as straightforward as possible by navigating legal documentation and completing the paperwork to ensure that a clear title is conveyed with minimum complication and complete peace of mind for its clients.

Special Report

Things you must know when BUYING a property. See also our DIY inspection checklist.  

Don't Sign Anything

In addition to providing guidance on the Contract of Sale, Low Cost Conveyancing Services can make sure that you are not disadvantaged in any way. Do not sign anything before you fully understand your sale contract. We offer ‘contract examination’ prior to you signing the contract.  

Do not sign anything before you fully understand your sale contract.  

If you can either email or fax us the contract or get the agent to email or fax us, we can immediately inspect it, especially if you haven't signed it yet. Give us the details of the property being bought and the name of the Real Estate Agents and we will contract them to arrange a copy to be sent to us straight away.

We will do the rest. We can then get straight back in contact with you about the 'ins & outs' of the contract for the property you want to buy.

Otherwise if you have signed it, let us know yours and the Real Estate Agent's details. We will call them to arrange a contract to be sent out.

We also offer a service to examine contracts prior to signing in which we give a detailed report of the contract. This service costs $99 and is great when hoping to buy at Auction but not sure about the contract. If this is of interest please email me.

What we do to look after you

  • Our Conveyancing practice makes sure that all of the appropriate paperwork is collected and completed correctly. We also send out timely reminders to ensure that deadlines are met without the usual stress.
  • We calculate adjustments to council rates to make sure that money owing by the vendor (seller), including arrears and interest, is deducted from the price of the property.
  • Low Cost Conveyancing Services will obtain a search to confirm the title annexed to the Vendor's Statement is correct. We will advise on the cost of government taxes and offer you advice on the different rebates and tax concessions available when buying property.
  • Low Cost Conveyancing Services can prepare and lodge a caveat on your behalf to indicate to anyone else who may deal with the property that you have a prior interest. This can help prevent the vendor from engaging in untoward dealings and gives notice to others that you are buying the property.
  • We can advise on the twists and turns of finance and refinancing, and on insurance and how to comply with the lender’s requirements.
  • We will advise on whether or not your property is subject to a covenant or restriction, apply for certificates from the necessary authorities, and advise if there is anything unusual arising out of our searches in this regard.
  • In addition to providing you with a step-by-step checklist and an array of other helpful information, our experienced staff will endeavour to offer you any additional advice necessary for the smooth transfer of ownership.
  • Low Cost Conveyancing Services goes the extra mile in providing you with down-to-earth advice and useful tips in plain English.
  • And finally, we will provide you with a clear fee structure, and discounts on future work.

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Disclaimer: No information provided on the Low Cost Conveyancing web site is (intended) to be construed as legal advice. Many factors unknown to us may affect the applicability of any statement or comment that we make on the Low Cost Conveyancing web site to your particular circumstances. It is recommended that anyone reading this information should seek legal advice from a solicitor.