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Choosing an Agent

Choosing an Agent


Let us do the hard work, saving you money, time and stress.

We will source two accountable, reputable, agents fitted to your scenario. We will get both of them to come and see you and the one that you think is the best, you take! Simple.

The biggest signs and or the loudest ads don’t always translate to the best person for the job.

Agents are a critical part of the selling process, and we deal with the agents all the time.

When we select a real estate agent, we are performing a rigorous job interview for a prized position. It eliminates choosing a stranger for an incredibly important task – one that requires trust, expertise, and adaptability. Your expectations should be demanding; you’re selling one of your biggest assets.

Using popular, successful agents can be great. They’re obviously pleasing lots of people. But if they’re serving too many clients their attention might be split and you might not get the focus you want or need.

What we look for in an agent?

  • Ability to meet your actual requirements (not impose their own)
  • Clear interest in meeting your needs
  • Professional designation and membership of the local, state or national real estate institute
  • Positive word or mouth and references from previous clients
  • Knowledge of the area in which you’re selling your property
  • Knowledge of the price bracket you’re likely to sell in
  • Commitment to frank, realistic dialogue about the market and your situation

Don’t be alarmed if agents suggest meeting at your house. This gives them the opportunity to conduct an appraisal and get a sense of how they can best serve you. This service should be provided for free and in no way obligates you to engage the agent.

The agent we choose will provide

  • Access to recent market sales and appraisal data in your area
  • Contact with a large number of buyers
  • Screening of those buyers to identify qualified leads
  • Advice on how best to market and present your home
  • Implementation your marketing and advertising strategy
  • Advice on the most appropriate method of sale (auction or private treaty)
  • Negotiation services between you and buyers
  • Ongoing access to a range of advertising and marketing options
  • Frank and continued discussion about how well your campaign is tracking, and whether changes are required
  • Effective administration of all legal and financial requirements.

Organise an Agent for me

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