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Instant Quote - Selling

Selling a Property - Instant Quote

Its a BIG step when selling property!

We WANT to help you.
We WANT to make it easy for you.
Our Easy Online Process makes a busy life just that bit more simple.


Thanks for your inquiry. We have a brand, new pricing structure in place in the interest of transparency.

Normally we charge at $699, but as a promotional special on for a limited time, we are offering $99 off our normal professional fee!

Starting at only charge $600 for our professional fees, for the sale of a property. This is payable upon settlement, with a small deposit being paid at the start. (This is ex gst on our professional fees) so $660 with GST.



Professional Fee, plus a title Search and attendance at settlement. (ie Fee plus search and disbursement)

Standard Contracts of Sale depend upon search costs.  Hence the BEST price and Highest Expected Costs are Below so you know what to expect.

From Start to Finish

  • Selling Vacant Land and Established Homes - BEST PRICE $770 inc GST
  • It depends on the searches we need to order to complete your Contract and Section 32, some are lower and some are higher depending on your situation. We will strive to achieve the 'best price' for you!
  • Highest Price $880 inc GST
  • Selling Units, Flats & Townhouses with No Owners Corporation – As above
  • Selling anything above & an Owners Corporation is involved (used to be called Body Corporate) – Add $195 average cost of Certificate that needs to be bought inc GST
  • Based on straight forward no additional work transactions.

Happy with the quote? Ready to get underway!

I am ready to Engage you!

Fill in the below form to get started on your Contract & Section 32

I confirm that by sending this email or form I am instructing you to act on my/our behalf.  I acknowledge the quote supplied on this site will apply to me and that confirmation in writing will be forwarded to me with my initial paperwork which will be sent shortly after the contract has been received by your office.


No Law says you have to have Auction Certificates. However, we strongly recommend their consideration.


Buyers don't have the luxury of a 3 day cooling off period or buying subject to finance when they buy your property at auction. Buyers can be suspicious if extra information is not contained in an 'Auction Contract'. They may ask, 'what is the vendor hiding?'

To avoid this we suggest paying around $90 - $120 worth of additional search information that we can add to your contract.

Call our office now on 1300 78 77 05 for friendly staff assistance.

24/7 email assistance!

GENERAL ENQUIRY -  click on this link

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Fine Print


  1. Initial instructions to you along with a checklist about your property so we can accurately prepare your Contract and Section 32 statement.
  2. One Contract of Sale Prepared or if going to Auction, an Auction Contract prepared.
  3. One Section 32 statement prepared.
  4. Quick turnaround times.
  5. Transmission of your Contract and Section 32 to your agent or you via email.
  6. SOLD - Once your property has sold we will then do the following for you.
  7. Notify any lender involved (per their requirements)
  8. Prepare after sale documentation and forward to you.
  9. Prepare for settlement checking adjustments and so forth.
  10. Prepare final letters for you.
  11. Prepare disposition notices to notify any relevant authorities involved eg. Council and Water.
  12. Have settlement at our office free of charge.

This covers on average most scenarios for the sale of house, land or apartment.

We know that the price is important, so what is not included? We can only suggest being sceptical of anyone offering a ‘fixed’ price as due to the nature of Conveyancing Work we find it difficult to believe anyone can offer a truly fixed price. Therefore, our starting prices and estimates of work are all set out so you can hold us to it.

Search included in our Estimated Final Cost.

Searches entail ordering information to complete your section 32 statement. We charge the cost of the certificate plus our margin of 20%. Eg. Title costs $25 we charge you $30 plus gst. Cost plus margin. Fair. A title search is included in our ‘Expected Estimated Final Cost’. If we need something else we will contact you first.

Disbursements are included in our Estimated Final Cost

This could relate to any type of government charge or fee. Our electronic settlement fee typically costs $150.

Additional Work if Required or Requested

Because we know it is so important to get ‘Contracts of Sale’ which incorporate a ‘Section 32 statement’ completed quickly, we work fast to achieve to this aim. This will enable you or a Real Estate Agent to be able to sign up a prospective buyer!

For a straight forward sale of house or land we don’t envisage any additional work being done or required.

If you want or need additional work done outside of this quote, we charge on a time basis at a rate of $4.16 per minute charged in 15-minute blocks or therepartof. Basically, once we have the information we supply to you, returned, we can convert that information into a Contract of Sale and Section 32. The quicker you reply, the quicker we can act.

If you need further information please feel free to call us on 1300 78 77 05 or email back to us.

About Us

We are FULLY LICENSED, hold professional indemnity insurance and have a retained solicitor, but we are licensed to give 'Legal Advice' to you. We have 4 people in our office to assist with your transaction. This means better service for you and no waiting for return phone calls.

We can do ALL the legal work associated with Conveyancing and give Legal Advice (in relation to conveyancing work).

We operate a Government Approved Trust Account.

We take the time to ensure everything is as per your instructions and completed professionally.

Should you not happy with our terms and conditions, you can inform us not to continue at that point in time.

BEST OF ALL, you may NEVER need to come to us, we do everything via email.

*SPECIAL OFFER – Take a further $100 our professional charge!! How? You may have an agent in mind, before you sign up with them, let us arrange to have any agent you want to quote for your sale plus another specialist in your area, sign up with any of them, sell your property and extra money off your conveyancing. It’s that easy. Why get us to do this for you? Apart from saving you money we have an extensive list of qualified agents that have a proven track record of selling and that don’t give ‘pie in the sky’ promises. In the end if you don’t sell, we don’t get fully paid, so it’s in everyone’s interest to see you get maximum return as quickly as possible.

Plus, all agents offer us $150 at least to get your business, so we pass back $100 of that to you. Win, Win but fully optional.

Good luck on your sale. We trust that we can assist you.

Kind Regards
Ashley Clarke
Licensed Conveyancer by the Victorian Government
Certified Practicing Conveyancer
Dip. Fin. Ser. (Conveyancing)

Disclaimer: No information provided on the Low Cost Conveyancing web site is (intended) to be construed as legal advice. Many factors unknown to us may affect the applicability of any statement or comment that we make on the Low Cost Conveyancing web site to your particular circumstances. It is recommended that anyone reading this information should seek legal advice from a solicitor.