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Instant Quote - Buying

Purchasing a Property - Instant Quote

Thank you so much for your inquiry.

We want your business!!! Hence our fee structure is set out below so everyone has an idea of what to expect. Normally we charge $699, but for a short time, we are offering $99 off on our professional fees! Bringing our professional fess down to starting at $600 ex gst.


$600 plus searches, disbursements and gst. See Estimated Final ALL up cost below.



It depends upon the cost of the searches, so we have the lowest expected final cost and the highest expected final cost. The cheaper the searches (title search, council, water, land tax etc) the more chance our final account to you will be the lower price below. Keep it simple, keep it cheaper.

Therefore, HOW MUCH WILL IT COST AT THE END? Professional fee plus searches and disbursements based on an average transaction should be as follows.

  • BUYING VACANT LAND (Title Not Ready yet. E.g. - Buying off the plan)
  • LOWEST PRICE - should be $700 inc GST
  • Highest Price - should be $770 incl GST
  • BUYING VACANT LAND (Title Ready Now. I.e. Not buying off the plan)
  • LOWEST PRICE you could expect - $770 inc GST
  • Highest Price you could expect - $880 incl GST
  • LOWEST PRICE you could expect - $770 inc GST
  • Highest Price you could expect - $880 incl GST
  • You would need to add approximately $195 to the above price. Only IF we need to order such a certificate from an Owners Corporation (Body Corporate) ONLY if it applies to a purchase.

NOT SURE - Call our office - Phone 1300 78 77 05

I would like your assistance and want you to act for me



Get a review of the contract before you sign, call our office for options!

Call our office now Ph: 1300 787 705 for friendly staff assistance.
For Quotes outside business hours only, call 0400 593 593.

If you have a General Question, please click here.

To engage us to act for you use our Online Form.

Detailed report available


  1. FREE overview - Email us the Contract BEFORE you sign it.
  2. Detailed Report - Extensive written Report $150 PRIOR to making your written offer.

What is a 'FREE overview?'

  • Don't want a detailed report but would like an 'overview' of the format of the contract.
  • Simply email us the contract.
  • Call our office and free overview given of which we will email to you.
  • No legal advice given with this option.

What is a 'Detailed Contract Review?'

It's a Specialised written report on the contract you want to make an offer PRIOR to you signing. Before you sign a contract, we can review it for you. The review involves going through the contract, advising on conditions in the contract and offering suggestions on adding special conditions and recommending various due diligence. This can typically take our office 1-3 hours to complete.


  • Know what you are signing
  • Detailed explanations on Contract Terms and Conditions
  • Suggested 'add in's' tailored for your situation
  • Legal Advice
  • Suggested 'exclusions' to remove prior to signing.


  • $150 inc GST - This investment is payable upfront
  • Rebate - Get $50 back if you are successful on buying the property and we do the Conveyancing work for you.
  • Therefore you can get this extensive report for as low as $100!
  • Great for having a better understanding of what's in a contract and how it may affect you.

Fine Print

Our professional fees include the preparation of the following items. The work listed is included under our professional fees.

  1. Easy Email documentation to you.
  2. No face to face usually required.
  3. Professional Letters of instructions to you.
  4. Preparation of a transfer of land
  5. Email Correspondence to your lender and or broker of copies of documents prepared.
  6. Statement of adjustments preparation.
  7. Duties Online Attendance.
  8. Settlement instruction preparation.
  9. Notification to all parties of the change of ownership on settlement.

Costs INCLUDED in the above estimations

Searches enable us to find out more information about the property being bought. We must do this in order to clear debt on the property, otherwise you would inherit the seller's debt. How much are they? For the purchase of a block of land we may only have to obtain a title search depending on the situation hence possible lower charge. For a house purchase, a standard set of documents (being Title, Council Information, Water Information and Land tax) cost us roughly $120. We add a margin of 20% to any searches ordered. I.e.. If the tile cost us $20 it will cost you $22 ex gst.

For a property involving an owner's corporation the extra average cost is $175 ex gst being the cost of certificate we must buy.

Searches @ cost plus a margin of 20% which is very fair.

Search cost are considered as being purchased, which is included in the ‘Expected Estimated Final Cost (Average)’ as listed above.

Disbursements INCLUDED in our Estimate

How much is included? Electronic Settlement Fee - $150 included in estimation.


Typically they are all included in our transactions. Our Costs disclosure would detail any 'known or possible' exclusions to the inclusions.

NOT INCLUDED - Additional Work

The above prices are based on simply, straight forward property transactions that involve only what is listed as included. Some files actually cost less, some files more depending on the Councils and water authorities involved as the pricing for searches differs between them or a client’s particular needs. An average cost of a basic transaction.

In the event that additional work is requested or required, we Endeavor to advise you of this at the time of your enquiry. Every effort is made to put any additional cost in writing to you, either at the start of the transaction or as it proceeds.

Should you require work outside of quote, we charge on a time basis. Time based charge equates to $4.16 pm charged in 15-minute intervals. Eg. You buy the property in your name and want to add a relative to the contract. That would be outside of our quote and would be charged on a time basis which would take typically 15 minutes to prepare. Therefore, if you don’t need extra work you won’t be charged for extra work, if you do, you understand that there is a fee for additional work. Keep it simple, keep it cheap.

We WANT your business. We are here to HELP

We make the whole process easier! How?

  • Easy online forms prepared and emailed to you.
  • Simply complete and email back!
  • No need to attend our office in 99% of cases.
  • Save time and money via Email.
  • No Postage in 99% of cases required.
  • Expert Legal Advice Given to Clients in relation to Conveyancing Work
  • Trust Account use available
  • Plenty of Staff to answer your calls and respond to your emails.

Nothing hidden and all open and in writing, so there is no confusion. You can see what is included and what is not.

We will email you all documents once we have contract from the agent and or, obtain a signed copy of the contract.

We look forward to making the process as easy and enjoyable as possible!!!

Kind Regards
Mr Ashley Clarke (Senior Conveyancer)
Licensed Conveyancer by the Victorian Government
Dip. Fin. Ser. (Conveyancing)
Low Cost Conveyancing Services (our price is plus GST unless otherwise stated)

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