Ashley Clarke (Owner & Fully Licensed Conveyancer)

Ashley has been 'Conveyancing' for over 17 years and has a wealth of experience and knowledge. He is very experienced in a vast array of Conveyancing work from a land purchase to a multi stage subdivision. Ashley is continually overseeing all work and monitoring staff to bring out their best and is actively involved in any situation of any difficulty. Even though Ashley can give 'legal advice' (in accordance with the Conveyancers Act 2006) he also retains a solicitor as a backup for his clients.

Ashley is dedicated to his customers and bring innovative ideas and cutting edge technology to the business which has resulted in Low Cost Conveyancing Services being one of the leaders in industry.

Being a firm believer of customer service all clients are supplied surveys in which to have their comments aired. Low Cost Conveyancing Services has been able to build, reform and review it processes from client feedback. Clients testimonials contained on this site are comments from their feedback.

Ashley makes a point of getting to know each and every client as much as possible and wants every client to feel like a friend and not a statistic.

Rachael (Conveyancing Assistant)

Rachael has several years experience and primarily deals with preparing Contracts and Section 32 statements in record time. Rachael is cool, calm and collected and is known for her attention to detail. She follows up instructions with clients to achieve the best result, first time. Rachael is not only contactable by phone but by email as well, making it even easier for clients to get directly in touch with her.

Fran (Conveyancing Assistant)

Fran is a well experienced operator who strives to get the job done.  She works for you, but is not afraid to tell you as it is. 

Ambyre (Customer Specialist)

Ambyre works in reception and is usually the first voice heard when calling our busy office. Ambyre will quickly decipher the callers needs and then quickly direct them to the most appropriate person in the office to assist with the enquiry. Should you personally attend our office, Ambyre will usually be the person who greets you and assists with your enquiry.

Kim (Customer Service)

Kim is great point of contact who frequently looks after clients initially and shortly after a transaction has started. Kim is fantastic at helping clients guide through the maze of Conveyancing and is prompt and efficient at handling all sorts of enquiries.